Apple’s New iMac

iMac: “Sleek” Makeovers Unveiled: Apple’s Newest Additions

Topping today’s announcements, Apple unveiled a number of new and sleek devices, including a major update to both their laptop and desktop lines.

Popularity gets a makeover: The first device is an addition to the MacBook Pro line. The “world’s most popular notebook” now comes in a 13-inch size with retina display for crisp and highly detailed graphics, which also reduce eye strain. Coming in at a resolution of 1680×1050, the laptop is able to handle an impressive amount of computing, including HD video while rending audio and photo graphics. The device adheres to the same rigorous design standards as previous iterations, and is constructed out of aluminum and glass.

The Classic Upgrade: The second and arguably more impressive announcement is the update to the iMac line, which has not significantly changed in many years. The new iMac’s design is now completely changed from a boxy shape into a sleek, rounded one that tapers down to a mere 5mm thickness at the edges. It’s still made out of the same high-qualitmaterials, just less of them. The screen, while not a retina display, is manufactured using many of the same processes as the higher-density displays, meaning that the LCD screen is laminated directly against the glass for a clearer display. One of the biggest surprises of the event was also the price point: $1299 for the base model, which comes with impressive specifications. The new iMac now comes stock with a 2.7GHz quad-core processor, 8GB of RAM, and a terabyte of storage.

“Hybrid” is the New Vogue: Speaking of storage, Apple also introduced their new “Fusion Drive,” which is a hybrid drive that contains both a solid-state drive for increased speed and a traditional hard drive for maximum storage. All new iMacs can be configured to contain the new Fusion Drive.

Can’t wait for the new line of sleek Apple products? The 21.5-inch iMac will be available in November, and the 27-inch version in December, just in time for the holidays.

Source:Andrea Eldridge

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