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New to Mac OS? You Have Questions, We Have Answers

A lot of we know and work with are new to the Mac platform. There are several reasons why they switch: They are tired of the problems they’re having with Windows PCs; they have an iPhone or another Apple device that they’re happy with; and they have friends, family or other trusted people who tell them about their own experience. They also have a lot of questions. Here are some of the basics we cover with them.

New Year’s Resolutions for Your PC

The New Year has begun; it is the perfect time for new beginnings and new resolutions. This year, when you make your New Year’s resolutions, don’t forget to consider your computing habits. The following are two simple things you can do to make your day-to-day computing safer and more efficient: backup your data and secure your computer.

What Is Net Neutrality?

Net Neutrality is not just a fight between the big tech companies like Google, Netflix and AT&T. Whether or not Net Neutrality is upheld will affect the future of how every American accesses the Internet. Here’s the low down of what it means, why you should care, and what you can do to have your voice heard in the debate. The current state of the Internet in America is one of “Net Neutrality.” It means that all traffic is treated the same regardless of what data is being sent – emails, web searches, VOIP calls, streaming videos, etc.. – all traffic has to share space along the conduit. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can’t block traffic to certain sites in order to allow traffic to others to get through, although they do currently “throttle” certain high-demand users...

What Is The Cloud?

“The Cloud” is a popular term in the tech world and much like a cloud it doesn’t have a clear definition. People have personal clouds, companies have clouds, and the Internet is a cloud by itself. So what is a “cloud?” Think of a cloud in the sky. While it looks solid from the ground, everyone knows that clouds can be passed through. Clouds are made of trillions and trillions of water drops all floating in the air together. A small cloud can become part of a big cloud and a big cloud can be separated into small clouds. The Internet is much the same way. Each internet device is like a droplet of water. Devices in a computer cloud can pass information between each other. The broadest set of devices that can pass information back and...

What Is Defragmentation?

If you’ve been using a computer for a while, you’ve probably heard talk of “defragmentation.” Maybe you’ve even run a defragmentation utility. But what does defragmentation really do? Is your computer really fragmented? It doesn’t look like it’s in pieces…The truth is, you almost assuredly don’t need to defragment anymore. Here’s what the situation is. When a computer stores files on its hard drive, it says “This file goes here and this file goes here and this file goes here.” Hard drives are magnetic, and therefore each bit of your data has a physical location on your hard drive. The computer keeps track of where each bit of each file is, or else you couldn’t use your computer. But as you use your computer, you delete and add new files. Say you delete five paragraphs of...

Replace Windows XP for Cheap

Microsoft’s support for Windows XP has officially ended.  Those systems still running XP are vulnerable to hackers accessing data or being turned into a bot-net to spread viruses and malware.  Maintaining an up-to-date anti-virus software isn’t enough to keep a system running XP secure.  It’s time to ditch XP once and for all.  Luckily, there are reasonably-priced options so that you can replace your XP relic without needing a second mortgage. “Do I have to switch to Windows 8.1?  I hear it’s a big change from XP.” It’s true that Windows XP users will feel more at home with Windows 7 than with Windows 8 which has some distinct and noticeable differences in appearance and navigation from earlier versions of Windows.  You don’t have to migrate to Windows 8.1 if you’d prefer to stick with a more...

De-Clutter Your Email Inbox

Once upon a time, you opened your email inbox and it was – gasp – empty! I can hear you chuckling, “that is definitely a fairytale.” If you have hundreds of messages in your inbox, it is difficult to believe that your email could ever be anything other than overwhelming. But it can be. Here’s how to make your email fantasies a reality and de-clutter your email inbox. First things first, it’s time to do some hard and fast sorting. With a little strategy and copious use of your email inbox’s sorting capabilities, you’ll clear out a ton of clutter in no time. Use your inbox’s view sort option to arrange your messages by date. Create a folder for each year for which you have messages, lumping all messages older than 2012 together as “Old.” Move everything...

Microsoft Ending Support For Windows XP

It’s time to remove Windows XP, upgrade, and move on. We published an earlier article about XP’s end of life, and the deadline is here – On March 8, 2014, you may have been greeted with a message telling you that “Windows XP End of Support is on April 8th, 2013” and a link to learn more. For the 29 percent of computers around the World still running Windows XP, this will be the last chance they have to upgrade before the storm of malware rolls in. The End of Support date is the point at which Microsoft will no longer develop patches for the aging operating system. Windows XP will continue to function after this date, but to do so is to put your computer at grave risk of infection and security breaches. According to Microsoft’s Security Intelligence Report,...

Bits vs Bytes: What’s the Difference?

If you’ve ever shopped for internet packages or tried to buy storage, you’ve run into the bit/byte issue before – and you may not even have known it. It’s a concept that everyone who uses computer should at least familiarize themselves with. After all, it’s like not knowing the difference between kilometers and miles! When computer speed or storage is measured, it’s done using two units and their derivatives. The first unit is the bit, and the second is the byte. The bit is a one or a zero. It comes from the physical components of the computer, which either have to be energized (one) or not (zero) in order to store data. A byte is a set of eight of these bits. It’s no too hard to keep those distinctions clear, but the problem is that...

How to delete an email account from your iPhone and iPad

There’s lots of reasons you may choose to delete an email account from your iPhone or iPad. Perhaps you got a new email address, or just don’t use one of your email accounts that much anymore. Whatever the reason may be, iOS makes it just as easy to remove an email account as it was to add it in the first place.

Haven’t had to delete an email account before and not sure how? Follow along and we’ll show you.

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