When Is The Best Time To Buy A New Computer?

Is There a Best Time to Buy a New Computer?

Bargain hunters everywhere swear by shopping seasonally. Buy when demand is lowest (who thinks to replace their air conditioner in February?) or when retailers are pushing out old inventory in anticipation of new models. When is the best time to buy a new computer or gadget? Unless you stay up on trending tech news, it’s hard to know when a new generation of the Smartphone or laptop you’ve had your eye on is due to be released. Luckily keeping up on tech trends is what we live for and we’re here to share the secrets of electronic buying seasons.

With Back-to-School around the corner, many parents are contemplating the new year’s gear-up. While in many cases it’s good to buy when demand is lowest, retailers know that many families invest in tech for the new school year and they compete aggressively for your dollars. The back-to-school period between August and September is considered to be the best time to buy a new computer, second only to the sales you find around Black Friday. Many sellers also give student discounts so flash that Student ID for additional savings.

If your device is D.O.A and needs to be replaced ASAP, try to buy on a Monday. That’s when manufacturers of computers and other electronics like TVs, cameras and video games apply their rebates.

Many a nerd will tell you that the best time to find a great deal on most electronics is right after the newest fanciest version comes out. Technology retailers like Dell and Apple (www.apple.com) generally have information on their websites about when their newest model will be released, so check in frequently. New Egg and Tiger Direct offer good price comparisons if you’re in the market for components.

It’s common for major manufacturers to preview new gadgets at annual tech conferences where industry professionals gather to ooh and ahh over the latest and greatest. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) happens every year in January and there’s often some new advancement in TV and Smartphone technology previewed. Televisions and other electronics will have their best prices on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, continuing through Super Bowl weekend. CES can help you figure out what to save up for in November – ideally the last generation of next year’s new release.

Gaming system updates are typically announced at E3 in May, with product roll-out usually slated in time for the year-end holiday buying frenzy. Video games are almost always released in November and December in time for the Holiday season. Buying in January and February can garner some huge savings.

If you’re considering a new iPhone or iPad, Apple generally releases new versions of their products in Spring and Fall so keep an eye out for whispers of what will be brought to market around this time. This year they released an updated iPad in Spring and there’s rumored to be a new iPhone slated for late Fall. Even if it’s not a major product overhaul, it generally leads to a price reduction in the older version. Apple holds its World Wide Developer’s Conference every year in June wherein it announces what will be made available in the months to come – this year it was all about laptops.

Armed with the release dates for the new gadgets, you can hold out to snatch up the older model either just before (when retailers are making space for new) or even better, just after the new one is released. Follow more expensive upgrades for awhile so you are familiarized with prices. Then when you notice a significant dip in price, you’ll be ready to snatch it up for some real savings.

New trend-watching site www.decide.com can help you determine if you should buy or wait. It tracks prices and researches rumors of new models of popular TVs, laptops, tablets, cameras, phones, and gaming systems and reports back a recommendation – good time to buy, wait for a price drop, new version rumored, or consider a newer model. It’s certainly worth a quick perusal so you have all the info in hand before you head out to buy that new tech gadget.

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Source: Andrea Aldridge

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