Video Editing For Beginners

 Video Editing: How to

Ours is a video generation. We grew up with parents shooting camcorder footage of every birthday and graduation, and most of us have hours of movie footage without any cohesive organization or engaging content. Any novice with a video camera can benefit from editing. If you’ve ever forced your friends and family to suffer through six minutes of boring for two seconds of awesome, I’m talking to you. Before you post that cell phone video to YouTube, a little polish with a free editing program can make your friends actually want to click on your Facebook links. While Adobe Premier is widely held to be the most comprehensive video editing software available, I’m hesitant to suggest a pricey application to learn a new skill. Luckily, there are some great free or...

How To Stop Spam

 Simple Tools and Tips to Stop Spam

Now that I have a newborn in the house, the last thing I have time for is weeding through an email inbox filled with offers for 30 percent off at a store I bought one thing from three years ago, or daily newsletters from an online magazine touting ways to make my life more creative. I don’t have time to shower, let alone bake sweet potato muffins. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to make my email more of a tool and less hassle, and stop spam with very little work from me. Most email providers have an integrated spam filter to stop spam, and many have additional plug-ins you can install that will use a variety of means to filter out what it deems to be spam. Unfortunately, junk messages often...

Things Nerds Are Thankful For

Everyone has a nerd or two in their life these days, whether it’s a computer guru, video gamer or mobile gadget aficionado. From texting to email to blogging, the typical nerd often favors electronic communication over “real world” conversations, and this can make it difficult to connect. In honor of Thanksgiving, here’s a bit of insight into the heart of the nerd you love with a few things that just about every nerd is thankful for this year. Nerds are thankful for loved ones that accept our quirks. We are thankful you finally got cable. We are thankful for Dr. Who, Peter Jackson and the preponderance of free WiFi. Nerds are thankful for websites that let us keep in touch without speaking. Nerds love social media. It lets us stay in touch with friends and family that we...

Windows 8 Upgrade Questions

As we near the brink of massive Operating System overhaul (i.e., the release of Windows 8), readers want to know what to do to prepare and if they should upgrade. Here are some tips to save time, money and headaches.

My family PC is on its last leg. Should I wait to replace it until Windows 8 is released?

Maybe, but probably not for the reason you think. If you are planning to replace your dying PC with a laptop, it’s a good idea to see what the release of Windows 8 brings to the hardware arena. Windows 8 is designed to work best on a touchscreen device like a tablet. Manufacturers are working to take advantage of this by integrating touchscreen capability into laptop-tablet hybrids that will offer the traditional laptop benefits of keyboards and ports for...

Windows 8: A Simple How to

Windows 8 is finally here. If you’ve been reading our recent articles, you know that it’s promised to change many things about how we use our computers. If you’re one of those who have decided to make the switch, there are a few things you should know before installing it on your computer. First, make sure that your computer is actually compatible with Windows 8. This shouldn’t be a problem for most computers made within the last six years or so. The minimum requirements are:
  • 1GHz processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB of Hard Drive space
  • Graphics card with DirectX 9 and WDDM driver
You can look these up by right-clicking on “my computer” and clicking “properties. If you want to support the touch features, you’ll obviously need a tablet or monitor that supports it. Some laptops will support a few of the touch...

How To Remove A Virus

How to Remove a Virus: The Best Anti-Virus Software

Do you remember back when your computer was shiny and new, it likely came with pre-installed Norton or McAfee antivirus software. It would periodically pop up little notices that it had downloaded the latest updates, and you felt snug and secure when you surfed online. Then that trial membership expired. You may not have even noticed the lapse in coverage, assuming that the icon in your toolbar was a sign that all was well — or, like many, you may have been wary to spend your hard-earned cash to subscribe. This story is so common that it’s one reason why Panda Security reported in January that approximately 50 percent of the world’s computers are compromised by some form of malware. While I fondly remember the days when...

Things To Do When You Setup A New PC

Set Up A New PC: Protect, Transfer, Store

After scrimping and saving, researching and debating, you finally settle on the perfect new PC, only to realize once you get it home and plugged in that you can’t get much use out of it until you get the files and programs from your old PC onto your new one. Here are my top 3 steps to set up a new PC. If you’d have asked me three years ago how I get a new system set up like the old one, I’d have told you how lucky I was to have a team of skilled technicians to set up a new pc for me. It turns out that the magical process of migrating data to a new computer isn’t so complicated after all, and most typical PC users can...

Do We Need Windows 8?

In just a few days, Microsoft will release the newest version of its flagship product: the Windows operating system. Named Windows 8, this piece of software promises to completely overhaul the PC computing experience, while adding functionality, security, and efficiency.

Didn’t Windows 7 Just Come Out?

Windows 8 has been in development for three years. Earlier this year, Microsoft released the Consumer Preview to registered Microsoft users, which allowed the public to see the direction that the operating system was heading in, and allowed them to give their feedback. On August 1, it was finalized and shipped to the manufacturing plants to be physically created and packaged for purchase. It releases worldwide on October 26, 2012.

What’s Different?

The operating system is optimized for tablets, like the Microsoft Surface which releases this year, as well as the many tablet computers...

Windows 8 Review

Windows 8: Finally, Microsoft ahead of the Curve

It’s been a few years since Microsoft came out with their last operating system, and in those years there have been some big changes to computing technologies. Windows 8, scheduled to release on October 26, attempts to evolve software in a direction that is compatible with the changes that have come to the hardware world since then. So how well did they do? Even more importantly, how well does it introduce users familiar with the old methods of computing to the future that Microsoft is looking to build?

Touch screen Trends:

Windows 8 attempts to capitalize on the current trend towards touchscreen computing. The entire feel of the operating system has been redefined. The first example that users will immediately notice upon starting Windows 8 for the first time is...

Apple’s New iMac

iMac: “Sleek” Makeovers Unveiled: Apple’s Newest Additions

Topping today’s announcements, Apple unveiled a number of new and sleek devices, including a major update to both their laptop and desktop lines. Popularity gets a makeover: The first device is an addition to the MacBook Pro line. The “world’s most popular notebook” now comes in a 13-inch size with retina display for crisp and highly detailed graphics, which also reduce eye strain. Coming in at a resolution of 1680×1050, the laptop is able to handle an impressive amount of computing, including HD video while rending audio and photo graphics. The device adheres to the same rigorous design standards as previous iterations, and is constructed out of aluminum and glass. The Classic Upgrade: The second and arguably more impressive announcement is the update to the iMac line, which has not significantly...