Apple Unveils Star of the Show: iPad Mini

In a much-anticipated event, Apple today released a spread of new devices, highlighting and improving the smallest form factors that the company has become well-known for. Two of the devices were additions to their iPad line of tablets. With the first viewing, our inner Nerd died a little… The iPad 4 is relatively unremarkable. Except for the fact that they have ditched the “new iPad” branding in favor of numbers again, there is little to differentiate this device from its predecessors. So how do they get away with calling it new and improved? They did add a faster A6X processor, HD front-facing camera for “Facetime”, and a Lightning connector, which made its first appearance on the newest iPhone. Other than these minor changes, which come as a sort of slap in the face to new iPad owners,...

Never Worry About Losing A Smart Device Again

A laptop is stolen every 53 seconds. This means that one tenth of laptops ever bought are either stolen are lost, usually along with all the data on it. Only three percent make it back to their owners. And 70 million smartphones are stolen every year – seven percent of these are recovered. Considering that half of all mobile device users keep passwords, personal info, or banking data on those devices, the chances that your information will fall into the wrong hands are too high to simply ignore. Don’t get too worried though – most malicious users of information are after business information at major and profitable corporations. The worst that will likely happen to the average user is that their device will be stolen. Nonetheless, this is a scenario you want to avoid. So how...

Small Business Data Backup

Data BackUp – You Don’t Even Need A Truck

Data backup is the flossing of the tech world: you know you should do it, but you just never get around to it. There’s something in human nature that makes us learn the hard way – cavities are no fun. Yet when it comes to risking the data that you need to run your business, the price of procrastination is too high. For small and medium businesses, data backup is all about automation, redundancy, and reliability. The first step to reducing your exposure to hardware failure is consolidating your data in one more reliable and easier to backup location. Instead of saving files to each of your workstation computers, saving files on a shared server will mean that if Jane’s hard drive dies tomorrow you won’t lose the...

Take Control Of Your Facebook Account

Facebook Needs a Kick in the Can Every Now and Then

When you join Facebook it all seems so blissfully easy. You supply your email address, let it magically hook you up with everyone in your contacts list, and voila! Instant social connectivity is yours. Before you know it, however, your news feed is clogged with notifications from games your friends are playing and posts from retailers you “liked” in order to claim some special offer, your photos are being commented on by your cousin’s ex-boyfriend’s sister and you have more than a hundred “friends” who you couldn’t point out in a mostly empty room. Where did it all go so wrong? Have no fear. Taking control of your Facebook account is a fairly easy proposition.

Cut off unused apps

Even if you haven’t played Family Feud in over...

The Importance of Backups

Imagine this, you are about to send an email to a very important client. This email in particular is also very important, as it includes an invoice to be sent to a client for services rendered by you or your company. This invoice has been generated through your accounting software, which you just installed 8 months ago. Your computer also has the database of all your clients, their records, the work that you have done for them, and other critical information. And while you’re smiling to yourself, thinking of getting paid right before the weekend, your computer screen goes completely blank. Everything vanishes from sight. Your computer will turn back on but will not boot into Windows. You try all the onscreen options given, but you keep ending up back in the same place. Nothing you do...

5 Tricks To Revive An Old PC

Breathe New Life Into an Old PC

If every click on your old, slow computer makes you want to tear your hair out but your budget just won’t permit replacing it, take heart. Even if you’ve already upgraded the hardware to the extent you can and performed all maintenance to rule out a malware infection, there are a few tweaks left that may make life with an old PC more bearable. While the biggest performance boost most often results from hardware upgrades (more RAM and replacing your hard drive with a solid state drive can make a world of difference), bulky software can overly tax your system’s resources. This can lead to slower performance, crashes and errors.

Ditch Bloated Software

There are some common software culprits that can make even a new PC run slowly....

Computer Going Slow? Don’t Ditch It, Fix It!

Newer, faster, bigger — it seems like the makers of computers and gadgets want us to see them as disposable. Why bother fixing it, just replace it!
Yet we like our stuff — we are comfortable with how it works, and while it may not be the flashiest, it gets the job done. Who wants to have to learn how to use something new? Of course, budget-savvy Nerds are always looking for ways to save some dough, and fixing what we have is a great way to do it. Before you grab your trusty credit card to run out to replace that sluggish computer or unreliable gadget, let us show you some simple steps to fix it, not ditch it. Who knew that something as simple as dusting out your computer could make it last longer?...

Should You Shutdown Your Computer or Leave It On All The Time?

When You Shutdown Your Computer, Can It Cause Problems?

There are a number of myths floating around about what you should do with your computer when you’re not using it. Some say that you should always shut it down, while others claim that shutting down regularly will shorten the life of your computer. The fact is that neither of these is totally correct. Shutting down your computer will do no harm, but it may not be the most practical option for your circumstance. It all comes down to your personal preference – as long as you’re informed. Let’s take a look at the options.

Shut down computer regularly

On the surface shutting down your computer every night seems the more practical option, as it uses significantly less energy when not in use. Another benefit is that your system...

iPhone 5 Rumors: “It’s almost here” Worth the Hype?

iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup

On September 12th, Apple is holding an event that announces “It’s almost here” and features a prominent iPhone 5. Many people have speculated on what this means, most coming to the conclusion that the computer giant is about to release the fifth iteration of their incredibly popular iPhone. If announced on the 12th, chances are that the phone will become available in stores on the 21st of September. Analysts are already predicting that Apple will sell ten million of the devices in the first week. So what’s the big deal all about? Here we’ve collected the best of the speculation – what is most likely to be released on September 12, although Apple has been infamous for keeping details pretty locked down and quelling any significant rumors.

Larger Screen:


The Best Windows 8 Gadgets

The Future of Tech – Gadgets Built for Windows 8

At this year’s Computex show in Taipei (June 5th-9th, 2012), leading manufacturers previewed the next generation of tablets, ultrabooks, hybrids, and touch screen technology, designed to take advantage of the touch-friendly functionality of Windows 8. Here are a few of the cool gadgets you can expect to see near the end of the year.

Asus Taichi Dual-Screen Ultrabook.

If a tablet and an ultrabook (super thin and lightweight notebook) got married, this could be their offspring. It has dual displays: the one integrated into the top is touch screen, allowing it to function as a tablet when the cover is closed; the second is found opposite the keyboard when you open it like a clamshell, revealing a more traditional notebook. When open, the outside screen can be used...