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New Year’s Resolutions for Your PC

The New Year has begun; it is the perfect time for new beginnings and new resolutions. This year, when you make your New Year’s resolutions, don’t forget to consider your computing habits. The following are two simple things you can do to make your day-to-day computing safer and more efficient: backup your data and secure your computer.

Computer Won’t Turn On? Check for Viruses

If you’ve ever had a virus that kept your system from booting at all, you know how infuriating it is. One mistake and your computer is now a very expensive brick. If you’ve never had this happen to you, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Viruses are on the rise and show no signs of becoming less of a problem in the future. Fortunately, there are now tools that can save your computer even when you can’t start Windows, and they’re much cheaper than buying a new computer. If you don’t have access to another computer, or can’t follow the instructions here (they can get a little technical), you can always buy the fixmestick at This little device will help you boot into your computer and remove the virus. However, if the $59.99 price...

The Importance of Backups

Imagine this, you are about to send an email to a very important client. This email in particular is also very important, as it includes an invoice to be sent to a client for services rendered by you or your company. This invoice has been generated through your accounting software, which you just installed 8 months ago. Your computer also has the database of all your clients, their records, the work that you have done for them, and other critical information. And while you’re smiling to yourself, thinking of getting paid right before the weekend, your computer screen goes completely blank. Everything vanishes from sight. Your computer will turn back on but will not boot into Windows. You try all the onscreen options given, but you keep ending up back in the same place. Nothing you do...