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Can An iPad Replace A Laptop?

 iPad vs. Laptop: Can an iPad replace a laptop?

As the new school year approaches, the question I get asked most often is, “Should I buy a laptop or a tablet?” Apple’s Steve Jobs has asserted that we are living in a “post-PC world”. can an iPad replace a laptop? To test the theory, I traveled to New York with a friend, bearing my iPad 2 but no laptop. When an article needed editing, I realized that while it would be possible for the iPad to do everything I needed, it wasn’t going to work for me straight out of the box. It needed modification. If you are considering ditching your laptop, whether it’s for a trip or for good, here’s my guide to making it possible. Touch screen vs keyboard The touch screen is definitely my favorite feature...

Never Worry About Losing A Smart Device Again

A laptop is stolen every 53 seconds. This means that one tenth of laptops ever bought are either stolen are lost, usually along with all the data on it. Only three percent make it back to their owners. And 70 million smartphones are stolen every year – seven percent of these are recovered. Considering that half of all mobile device users keep passwords, personal info, or banking data on those devices, the chances that your information will fall into the wrong hands are too high to simply ignore. Don’t get too worried though – most malicious users of information are after business information at major and profitable corporations. The worst that will likely happen to the average user is that their device will be stolen. Nonetheless, this is a scenario you want to avoid. So how...

iPhone 5 Rumors: “It’s almost here” Worth the Hype?

iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup

On September 12th, Apple is holding an event that announces “It’s almost here” and features a prominent iPhone 5. Many people have speculated on what this means, most coming to the conclusion that the computer giant is about to release the fifth iteration of their incredibly popular iPhone. If announced on the 12th, chances are that the phone will become available in stores on the 21st of September. Analysts are already predicting that Apple will sell ten million of the devices in the first week. So what’s the big deal all about? Here we’ve collected the best of the speculation – what is most likely to be released on September 12, although Apple has been infamous for keeping details pretty locked down and quelling any significant rumors.

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