iPhone 5 Rumors: “It’s almost here” Worth the Hype?

iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup

On September 12th, Apple is holding an event that announces “It’s almost here” and features a prominent iPhone 5. Many people have speculated on what this means, most coming to the conclusion that the computer giant is about to release the fifth iteration of their incredibly popular iPhone. If announced on the 12th, chances are that the phone will become available in stores on the 21st of September. Analysts are already predicting that Apple will sell ten million of the devices in the first week. So what’s the big deal all about? Here we’ve collected the best of the speculation – what is most likely to be released on September 12, although Apple has been infamous for keeping details pretty locked down and quelling any significant rumors.

Larger Screen:

What has been speculated so far, however, hints at some exciting new features. The largest change is one that has been a long time coming. Sources claim that the device will be updated from its three and a half inch screen to a four inch one. This will change the aspect ratio to a full 16 by 9, which in practical terms means that users can watch widescreen videos without black bars appearing on the top and bottom of the screen. This will also result in a slightly higher resolution, one that will allow more room for phone controls.

Classic Apple:

Current users of the iPhone are familiar with design changes that have ranged from partial aluminum backs to completely plastic ones. The new design appears to be a more apple-esque design than before, integrating two plastic portions at the top and bottom for maximum reception, with the majority of the back being made of aluminum.

Slimmed Version with plenty of extras:

As always, design tweaks have been made in order to shrink the device. It will be slightly slimmer than previous versions. However, a major change is that the dock connector also appears to be shrunk. Instead of using the wide connector that users have been familiar with years, it is speculated that the new iPhone will use a new, smaller connector. It should provide all the same benefits of the previous cable, however, and the same sources state that Apple will release a conversion kit for those who want to use their old accessories with the new connector. Rumors also abound that there will be a headphone jack on the bottom of the device, complete with a new headphone design. An additional rumor about space-saving innovations includes the addition of nano-SIM technology. This shrinks the existing SIM standard down to a new, smaller size. However, if used, the iPhone 5 will be the first and only device to use the technology, which negates the possibility of using a nano-SIM card in other devices.

Of course Speed:

Where would an upgrade be without its speed increases? Sources report that the device will use the A6 processor, the newest iteration of Apple’s “SoCs,” or Systems on a Chip. The phone may also utilize the LTE Standard, which is a faster method of accessing data than the 3G standard.

Overall, nothing groundbreaking seems set to release. However, Apple has had its fair share of both predictable releases as well as surprising and innovative ones. It is also possible that the 5th generation of the iPod will launch on this date, but very little has been speculated on that subject. Whatever way, Apple fans will have a new product to examine, come the 12th.

Source: Andrea Eldridge

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