Let us get your network up and running!

With your own network set up, the various network capable devices you may have at home (i.e. computer desktops, laptops, printers, televisions, stereos) will get connected, bringing you to a whole new level of interconnectivity and easy access.

When we set up any network, our primary focus is to help you take full advantage of the technology available, to:

  • Easily share information between computers in your home
  • Connect your iPad, Xbox, Wii, or other network capable device to your home network
  • Surf the web from the comfort of your sofa
  • Stream Internet movies to your TV
  • Stream Internet music direct to you stereo
  • Play games online
  • Access your email using your phone
  • …and much more

At Better Solutions we care about your network security very much, which is why we configure only the strongest security your equipment supports, to ensure that no unauthorized users can have access to your network

To make a networking service request call Better Solutions Computer repair now at 816.558.0001.