Better Solutions publishes clear and fixed labor rates for computer repair services. We will charge the published labor rate – per below table – for each individual repair that is performed. If the item you need isn’t listed below, we will quote you a rate or charge a fixed hourly rate of $50/hour. 
In most cases, only one or two services are needed for a full repair job to be completed. This keeps our average bill out to a very low $76. Compare this job total to the Geek Squad’s and you will find that we are on average over $100 cheaper than the Geek Squad and nearly $57 cheaper than all other major computer repair service vendors out there!
We offer price caps for on-site service, laptop repair service, and remote support repair so you are never over charged!

*If we do not solve your problem remotely, all of the remote time spent become FREE and are waived completely. If you choose to have us come to your home or business to solve the problem we could not solve remotely, your remote support fee is also waived and your remote service call becomes %100 totally FREE! You will not find another offer like this elsewhere.

** Note: For each service, the hourly charge is also the minimum charge. After one-hour, billing is calculated in 15 minute increments rounded up. Service rates are for labor only and excludes parts.

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Generally Payment is due at time of service. However, if we have established relationship with customer we will accept payment within 30 days.

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