Remote Support

Better Solutions uses a software tool called TeamViewer to establish a remote connection to your computer. The tool is used for requesting remote service is through a high-speed internet connection.

With your permission, a small file is downloaded to your computer from our site below (Click the Icon Below). Once installed, this small application, or Applet, creates the interface between our pc and yours so we can see exactly what’s happening with your computer and provide solutions.

Once the connection is established between Better Solutions and your computer, we are able to see your desktop exactly as you do, and begin troubleshooting problems and run diagnostics to perform the repair.

From your side, you’ll see the experienced Better Solutions repair technicians checking your computer system. Your mouse pointer will move around the screen, system windows will open and software will be run directly on your computer by Better Solutions. Once the computer repair is complete, the Applet automatically removes itself from your PC.

To begin installing the remote support tool please click the link below.