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How to delete an email account from your iPhone and iPad

There’s lots of reasons you may choose to delete an email account from your iPhone or iPad. Perhaps you got a new email address, or just don’t use one of your email accounts that much anymore. Whatever the reason may be, iOS makes it just as easy to remove an email account as it was to add it in the first place.

Haven’t had to delete an email account before and not sure how? Follow along and we’ll show you.

Can An iPad Replace A Laptop?

 iPad vs. Laptop: Can an iPad replace a laptop?

As the new school year approaches, the question I get asked most often is, “Should I buy a laptop or a tablet?” Apple’s Steve Jobs has asserted that we are living in a “post-PC world”. can an iPad replace a laptop? To test the theory, I traveled to New York with a friend, bearing my iPad 2 but no laptop. When an article needed editing, I realized that while it would be possible for the iPad to do everything I needed, it wasn’t going to work for me straight out of the box. It needed modification. If you are considering ditching your laptop, whether it’s for a trip or for good, here’s my guide to making it possible. Touch screen vs keyboard The touch screen is definitely my favorite feature...

Taking Your iPad Back to School

Playing it Cool With The New iPad

The new iPad is loaded with features and also has the highest quality screen available in a portable device. The new Retina display touch screen makes colors and resolution more vivid than ever, allowing for an even more amazing user experience than with previous generations of iPads. The iPad’s combination of power and portability make it great for school. It allows the student to carry just about an entire library of books and offers access to literally thousands of educational apps. All of this adds up to making learning easier — and more fun! No matter if you have the new iPad or one of the older versions, this is the kind of technology that can help you learn and help you stand out from the crowd. The...