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Microsoft Ending Support For Windows XP

It’s time to remove Windows XP, upgrade, and move on. We published an earlier article about XP’s end of life, and the deadline is here – On March 8, 2014, you may have been greeted with a message telling you that “Windows XP End of Support is on April 8th, 2013” and a link to learn more. For the 29 percent of computers around the World still running Windows XP, this will be the last chance they have to upgrade before the storm of malware rolls in. The End of Support date is the point at which Microsoft will no longer develop patches for the aging operating system. Windows XP will continue to function after this date, but to do so is to put your computer at grave risk of infection and security breaches. According to Microsoft’s Security Intelligence Report,...

Windows 8 Upgrade Questions

As we near the brink of massive Operating System overhaul (i.e., the release of Windows 8), readers want to know what to do to prepare and if they should upgrade. Here are some tips to save time, money and headaches.

My family PC is on its last leg. Should I wait to replace it until Windows 8 is released?

Maybe, but probably not for the reason you think. If you are planning to replace your dying PC with a laptop, it’s a good idea to see what the release of Windows 8 brings to the hardware arena. Windows 8 is designed to work best on a touchscreen device like a tablet. Manufacturers are working to take advantage of this by integrating touchscreen capability into laptop-tablet hybrids that will offer the traditional laptop benefits of keyboards and ports for...

Windows 8: A Simple How to

Windows 8 is finally here. If you’ve been reading our recent articles, you know that it’s promised to change many things about how we use our computers. If you’re one of those who have decided to make the switch, there are a few things you should know before installing it on your computer. First, make sure that your computer is actually compatible with Windows 8. This shouldn’t be a problem for most computers made within the last six years or so. The minimum requirements are:
  • 1GHz processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB of Hard Drive space
  • Graphics card with DirectX 9 and WDDM driver
You can look these up by right-clicking on “my computer” and clicking “properties. If you want to support the touch features, you’ll obviously need a tablet or monitor that supports it. Some laptops will support a few of the touch...

Windows 8 Review

Windows 8: Finally, Microsoft ahead of the Curve

It’s been a few years since Microsoft came out with their last operating system, and in those years there have been some big changes to computing technologies. Windows 8, scheduled to release on October 26, attempts to evolve software in a direction that is compatible with the changes that have come to the hardware world since then. So how well did they do? Even more importantly, how well does it introduce users familiar with the old methods of computing to the future that Microsoft is looking to build?

Touch screen Trends:

Windows 8 attempts to capitalize on the current trend towards touchscreen computing. The entire feel of the operating system has been redefined. The first example that users will immediately notice upon starting Windows 8 for the first time is...

Apple Unveils Star of the Show: iPad Mini

In a much-anticipated event, Apple today released a spread of new devices, highlighting and improving the smallest form factors that the company has become well-known for. Two of the devices were additions to their iPad line of tablets. With the first viewing, our inner Nerd died a little… The iPad 4 is relatively unremarkable. Except for the fact that they have ditched the “new iPad” branding in favor of numbers again, there is little to differentiate this device from its predecessors. So how do they get away with calling it new and improved? They did add a faster A6X processor, HD front-facing camera for “Facetime”, and a Lightning connector, which made its first appearance on the newest iPhone. Other than these minor changes, which come as a sort of slap in the face to new iPad owners,...

The Best Windows 8 Gadgets

The Future of Tech – Gadgets Built for Windows 8

At this year’s Computex show in Taipei (June 5th-9th, 2012), leading manufacturers previewed the next generation of tablets, ultrabooks, hybrids, and touch screen technology, designed to take advantage of the touch-friendly functionality of Windows 8. Here are a few of the cool gadgets you can expect to see near the end of the year.

Asus Taichi Dual-Screen Ultrabook.

If a tablet and an ultrabook (super thin and lightweight notebook) got married, this could be their offspring. It has dual displays: the one integrated into the top is touch screen, allowing it to function as a tablet when the cover is closed; the second is found opposite the keyboard when you open it like a clamshell, revealing a more traditional notebook. When open, the outside screen can be used...