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Computer Tune Up for 2013

Resolve to Regular Computer Tune Up This Year

New Year’s morning – you wake up and within a few hours you’ve broken half the resolutions you’ve set for the year. “I’ll start tomorrow,” you swear. You log on the computer, go directly to Facebook (another resolution down) and start to browse. Just like you, another year passes and your computer gets a little bit slower. If only there were some way to make sure it went to the gym and ate more healthily. According to a study performed by Crucial.com, 4 out of 5 computer users would like to change something about their computer. The top 5 changes they’d make: faster startup, faster programs, more reliability, longer battery life, and more storage space. While your computer can’t make these changes on its own, unlike you, there are...

3 Myths About Your Slow Computer

“My computer is running so slow!” – said everyone who’s ever owned a computer. It’s true: your computer never quite runs as fast as the day that you bought it. While a large part of that is simply your perception of it, it’s true that computers tend to slow down over time. That being said, there are a lot of misconceptions on why exactly this happens. Here are few of the common ones that you may have heard. Myth 1: You need to pay for an antivirus program. When peoples’ computers start running slowly, many assume that it’s because they have a virus. At this point, they will often buy an anti-virus program, or even a second. However, the problem can usually not be solved at this point by these methods. The way to keep safe is first...

Computer Going Slow? Don’t Ditch It, Fix It!

Newer, faster, bigger — it seems like the makers of computers and gadgets want us to see them as disposable. Why bother fixing it, just replace it!
Yet we like our stuff — we are comfortable with how it works, and while it may not be the flashiest, it gets the job done. Who wants to have to learn how to use something new? Of course, budget-savvy Nerds are always looking for ways to save some dough, and fixing what we have is a great way to do it. Before you grab your trusty credit card to run out to replace that sluggish computer or unreliable gadget, let us show you some simple steps to fix it, not ditch it. Who knew that something as simple as dusting out your computer could make it last longer?...

Five Steps To A Clean Computer

 A Clean Computer In 5 Easy Steps

Long summer days with the kids downloading all manner of Internet sludge has likely left your computer with the technology equivalent of a hangover. Before you give in to your kids’ pleas to replace your old reliable, try a few simple things to help you get back to a clean computer. After all, your computer needs to run smoothly for schoolwork (at least until winter break).

Clean Computer Tip #1 Run your antivirus and antispyware:

I know, I know, you’re probably tired of me saying it. However, when the kids have been wreaking havoc on your system all summer, it’s highly likely that viruses and spyware are slowing it down.One of the best suggestions to help your computer is to run regular and through virus scans, bu before you click...

Slow Computer? Upgrade Your Computer’s RAM

Is your computer slow? The best way to speed it up is to upgrade your RAM

The term RAM is probably pretty familiar. You may know it as memory and that it affects the speed of your PC, laptop, or handheld electronics. But will upgrading and adding more RAM speed up a slow computer? The amount of RAM in your system is the primary factor in how fast it boots up, launches programs, navigates between them, and responds to your inputs. If you have too little RAM for the amount of tasks you ask your system to perform, it will run slowly, freeze, or crash. Upgrading your RAM doesn’t necessarily make programs run faster. It lets your system handle more tasks simultaneously, which is really important if you have a slow computer. Let’s imagine your computer...