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What Is Defragmentation?

If you’ve been using a computer for a while, you’ve probably heard talk of “defragmentation.” Maybe you’ve even run a defragmentation utility. But what does defragmentation really do? Is your computer really fragmented? It doesn’t look like it’s in pieces…The truth is, you almost assuredly don’t need to defragment anymore. Here’s what the situation is. When a computer stores files on its hard drive, it says “This file goes here and this file goes here and this file goes here.” Hard drives are magnetic, and therefore each bit of your data has a physical location on your hard drive. The computer keeps track of where each bit of each file is, or else you couldn’t use your computer. But as you use your computer, you delete and add new files. Say you delete five paragraphs of...

Video Editing For Beginners

 Video Editing: How to

Ours is a video generation. We grew up with parents shooting camcorder footage of every birthday and graduation, and most of us have hours of movie footage without any cohesive organization or engaging content. Any novice with a video camera can benefit from editing. If you’ve ever forced your friends and family to suffer through six minutes of boring for two seconds of awesome, I’m talking to you. Before you post that cell phone video to YouTube, a little polish with a free editing program can make your friends actually want to click on your Facebook links. While Adobe Premier is widely held to be the most comprehensive video editing software available, I’m hesitant to suggest a pricey application to learn a new skill. Luckily, there are some great free or...

Windows 8 Review

Windows 8: Finally, Microsoft ahead of the Curve

It’s been a few years since Microsoft came out with their last operating system, and in those years there have been some big changes to computing technologies. Windows 8, scheduled to release on October 26, attempts to evolve software in a direction that is compatible with the changes that have come to the hardware world since then. So how well did they do? Even more importantly, how well does it introduce users familiar with the old methods of computing to the future that Microsoft is looking to build?

Touch screen Trends:

Windows 8 attempts to capitalize on the current trend towards touchscreen computing. The entire feel of the operating system has been redefined. The first example that users will immediately notice upon starting Windows 8 for the first time is...