Taking Your iPad Back to School

Playing it Cool With The New iPad

The new iPad is loaded with features and also has the highest quality screen available in a portable device. The new Retina display touch screen makes colors and resolution more vivid than ever, allowing for an even more amazing user experience than with previous generations of iPads.

The iPad’s combination of power and portability make it great for school. It allows the student to carry just about an entire library of books and offers access to literally thousands of educational apps. All of this adds up to making learning easier — and more fun! No matter if you have the new iPad or one of the older versions, this is the kind of technology that can help you learn and help you stand out from the crowd.

The iPad also helps to inspire creativity by making it very easy to be creative. The programs GarageBand and iMovie come standard on the iPad. GarageBand allows you to play any instrument via its Touch instruments and even record your own compositions. iMovie is a very user friendly way to make original films of your own. The iPad will help bring out your artistic side at school or anywhere you take it.

Back to School in Style

When something is this awesome, it is sure to be a popular back to school item. It’s likely that some of your friends will show up on the first day of school with iPads in hand. What then? How will you stand out from the crowd?

Maroo’s design-oriented nylon iPad cases have you covered. Maroo Nylon Design Series iPad cases come in a variety of eye-catching styles and color schemes to fit any taste, preference or personality. They feature a protective cover to shield your iPad’s beautiful Retina screen from scratches and dings as you’re hurrying to get to class on time. They also feature SG Bumper™ Technology to protect your precious device from the bumps or bruises that are sure to occur.

Maroo iPad cases allow you to take your awesome, all-in-one learning device to the next level, setting you apart from the crowd. Who knew that the iPad tablet could actually get better?? With a good iPad case, you’re sure to find a unique way to express who you are while allowing your iPad to stand out from everyone elses’. You might even start a fashion trend!

Apps to Make Your Friends Envious

We are approaching a time in history when more and more of our peers are carrying around the same technology we possess. Whether it is a smart phone or the aforementioned iPad, we need to find other ways to make our devices stand out. There are a few apps that will ensure your friends are huddled around you as opposed to the guy who is trying to steal your girlfriend.

  1. 3D Brain – You can look a lot smarter than you actually are when you have a perfect model of the human brain at your fingertips. Not only is the 3D Brain App incredible visually, but it provides a large amount of educational value as well.
  2. Edmodo – Think of this one like your own private little Facebook for the classes you are taking. You can share notes, documents, and assignments not only with your classmates, but with your teacher as well.
  3. Frog Dissection – While all of your friends are pulling out frog parts and showing signs of discomfort, you can dissect your frog digitally without any of the hassle or discomfort of the real thing. Save a frog and be the envy of your classmates all at the same time.

Now You are One Stylish Nerd!

We are all nerds at heart, and when it comes to going back to school, it really is our time to shine. You now have all of the info you need to head back to school in style, the way any fellow nerd would want you to. So strap on that iPad case, download the latest apps, and go get yourself educated for another year.

Source: Andrea Eldridge

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