“Just wanted to say thank you so much to my tech for knowing what was needed to fix my PC today! It’s so nice to be able to use it again.. I appreciated my tech’s personality too in that he was patient with me, trustable to be in my home and my computer, and in general someone who really knew what he was doing but didn’t have that arrogant “know it all” type way of being that some computer “gurus” have!!!!! I am looking forward to calling on Better Solutions again and asking them to help me learn some stuff on my Mac (wow its so rare to find someone who can do both Desktops Windows stuff and Mac stuff!), and possibly getting more memory for the desktop etc etc. Yay! Thank You again so much!”

Sarah McGuire
St. Joseph, MO

“I trust Better Solutions to maintain my business computer. They set me up with an automated backup system that one of their technicians recommended. One time I had a hard drive fail, Better Solutions was able to replace it and restore all the data. Because Better Solutions had setup a second hard drive and nightly backup schedule, nothing was lost. I am glad I had Better Solutions install the backup system or all my business account files would have been gone!”

Express Carpet & More
St. Joseph, MO

“I was having trouble with my PC loading very slow and would often lock up when trying to access web sites and links. Better Solutions was able to quickly remove multiple security programs and reinstall effective, FREE software. My computer is now running smoothly! I especially like the fact that Better Solutions is available for quick email questions and remote support if I need it. Great customer service, professional knowledge AND very reasonable rates!”

Jonathan Simpson
Agency, MO

“My computer skills are limited, and several times we had either viruses or some computer glitch that left our home computer paralyzed. In all cases, my Better Solutions came to the rescue to bail us out. Quick turn-around time, economical repairs, and personalized service keep us loyal to their business. Thanks!!!”

Harriet Smolley
St. Joseph, MO