Things Nerds Are Thankful For

Everyone has a nerd or two in their life these days, whether it’s a computer guru, video gamer or mobile gadget aficionado. From texting to email to blogging, the typical nerd often favors electronic communication over “real world” conversations, and this can make it difficult to connect. In honor of Thanksgiving, here’s a bit of insight into the heart of the nerd you love with a few things that just about every nerd is thankful for this year.

Nerds are thankful for loved ones that accept our quirks. We are thankful you finally got cable. We are thankful for Dr. Who, Peter Jackson and the preponderance of free WiFi.

Nerds are thankful for websites that let us keep in touch without speaking.

Nerds love social media. It lets us stay in touch with friends and family that we might otherwise never see or hear from, what with our propensity to sequester ourselves indoors with our computer and home theater system. If you want to hear more about what’s going on in the life of your favorite nerd, join their preferred social media site, be it Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc and soon you’ll be sharing LOLs and know more about the dietary habits of their cat than you ever thought possible.

Nerds are thankful for the ability to do holiday shopping without having to get dressed.

We nerds are grateful for the annual holiday shopping day for the public-phobic, Cyber Monday. The Monday after Thanksgiving has grown to be one of the best online shopping days of the year. Major online retailers like Amazon,, Newegg and Dell slash prices on computers, televisions, handheld electronics, computer parts and much more, allowing those of us that shudder at the sea of people swarming Walmart on Black Friday to still get a crack at some of the lowest prices of the season. Plus we get to compete with our fellow nerds in the sport of snapping up limited quantity sale items, just like we would on Black Friday, just without any actual physical interaction.

Nerds are thankful for expanded access to high speed cellular data.

Smartphones have become the nerd’s go-to gadget to stay “plugged-in” on the go. Nothing drags down our sunny disposition like slow mobile data – waiting while that YouTube video buffers can really fray the nerves. Thank goodness 4G networks are expanding beyond major city centers. Now we can actually get some benefit from that next generation 4G compatible phone we sprung for 2 years ago in the hope that 4G would come to our area soon. It’s finally here!

Nerds are thankful for the promise of more Star Wars.

In October 2012 the unthinkable happened: Disney purchased Lucasfilm Ltd and simultaneously announced that production will soon begin on the next installment of our beloved Star Wars series. Star Wars Episode 7 is targeted to release in 2015. Regardless of whether the nerd in your life greets this news with glee or horror, they’re surely going to see the movie when it comes out. Will it be awesome? Many of those that were disappointed with George Lucas’ rendition of Episodes 1-3 argue that it can’t be worse. Or will Disney over-commercialize the file, stripping out the true spirit of Star Wars? Only one thing is certain: it will provide fodder for debate in the nerd community for years to come.

Nerds are thankful for algebra.

Nothing cramps a nerd’s style like slow internet. Luckily we have an international team of telecom technology researchers from MIT, Harvard, Caltech, the University of Porto in Portugal and the Technical University of Munich to thank for discovering what many believe is the future of broadband: algebra.

Typical broadband works by breaking up large amounts of data into packets and sending each packet separately to the user requesting the data. On average, 2-5% of packets are lost in transit, requiring that the data be re-sent. Researchers have discovered that sending data in the form of an algebraic equation instead of traditional packets allows the recipient computer to “fill in the blanks” of any missing packets, resulting in significantly faster internet transfer speeds and more stable mobile data connections.

And these Nerd Chicks are thankful for you, dear reader; we hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving.

Source:Andrea Eldridg

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